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The Rise "Top 1000 Tech Bloggers" leaderboard recognizes the most inspiring Tech journalists and bloggers active on social media. They use Klout scores (50%) and the blogger's twitter conversations on "tech" (50%) to rank these leaders on their social media influence. The first 100+ tech writers and bloggers on this board were picked from a Twitter search.  The board curator's goal is to grow this to 1000+ names and make it the definitive go-to list for people to find who they can follow to get all tech news and analysis. This Week's Top 5! If you are a tech blogger creating fresh content regularly but not on the list already, visit the site and join the list. If you would rather nominate nominate someone, please send an email to [email protected] with your nomination's Twitter handle. ( This content is being syndicated through multiple channels. The opinions expr... (more)

Most Influential Cloud Bloggers for 2009

New Media on Ulitzer Thank you Ulitzer and SYS-CON Media for naming me to your list of the most influential cloud computing bloggers for 2009. My hearty congratulations go out to the other bloggers that also made the list. Cloud computing definitely made its mark in 2009. The government space on which I focus has clearly made this a top priority. I look forward to continuing my education and advocacy role in 2010. Happy New Year !! ... (more)

Cloud Computing: 3Tera goes for Global Delivery Model, makes AppLogic ready on all continents!

(Office 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, CA —September 4, 2008)— 3Tera, Inc., the leading innovator of cloud computing technology and utility computing, announces the availability of global cloud services, based on 3Tera's AppLogic grid operating system. Driven by demand from multi-national customers and customers outside the United States, 3Tera has selected partners to offer cloud solutions on four continents and provide redundant online resources worldwide. 3Tera currently has partners and is running in datacenters in seven countries (United States, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Serbia) on four continents (North America, South American, Asia, and Europe), with additional resources in South America and Australia soon to be available as well. The global offering allows customers to choose their location and expand or move to different r... (more)

Cisco Buys Jabber

Right after buying Linux e-mail server house Postpath for $215 million, Cisco said it was buying the 50-man Denver-based Jabber Inc, a commercializer of the eponymous open source IM project, for its collaboration portfolio. Terms were not disclosed. Neither was the fact that Jabber’s an open source play so it’s unclear how Cisco will handle Jabber’s open source business model. Intel, France Telecom and Webb Interactive Service put $7.2 million in the thing back in 2003 and Jabber is believed to have had revenues of $2.9 million last year. Webb started it in 2000 and said that given the acquisition it expects to be able to make a cash distribution of approximately 32 cents a share to its shareholders. Cisco says the acquisition will let it embed presence and messaging “in the network” and give users rich aggregation capabilities through both on-premise and on-demand so... (more)

Cloud Computing soon to become a subject of fierce debate

His rant was reported by the Guardian newspaper and a debate in the blogosphere ensued. Stallman argues that users will lose control of their programs, their data and their privacy. Many others believe cloud, or utility, computing is the future. On Monday, software giant Microsoft Corp. finally announced Windows Azure, a development platform, so that it can join the ranks of companies like Inc. and Inc. and offer Web-hosted software applications as a service. The debate will surely continue over the pros and cons of cloud computing. But a book called "The Big Switch," published earlier this year, makes one of the most compelling arguments that accessing many of your computing capabilities via another provider is the wave of the future. Author Nicholas Carr's comparison of the history of electrical power to utility computing is fascinating a... (more)

If Cloud Computing Were a Child, It Would Be An Angry Two Year Old

I attended the Gartner Application Development Conference this week and drank from the proverbial firehouse as Gartner analysts presented their vision for cloud computing Anthony Bradley, the Web 2.0 analyst for Gartner, beat the drum for front end tools (mashup builders) to complement back end SOA systems. His take was "mashups take the benefits of SOA and make them visible to users - mashups are the face of SOA." Mark Driver, the open source software analyst for Gartner, said that cloud computing is early in its maturity cycle. He said, "if the cloud were a child, it would be an angry two year old. The challenge for the industry now is how to make it through the terrible twos." Mark also pointed out some big benefits for IT with cloud computing. "The cloud enables rapid application maintenance - iterating application functionality on a daily basis." The apps can cha... (more)

rPath Puts Cloud Computing in Plain English on YouTube

rPath today announced “Cloud Computing in Plain English,” an animated short video which takes a lighthearted look at cloud computing while bringing... Read more at ... (more)

How To Define SOA and Cloud Computing

Everywhere there is a forum for individuals to communicate about Cloud Computing or SOA, whether it's a chat room, discussion board, LinkedIn Q&A, Twitter or Facebook, I notice a similar pattern forming. These terms, regardless of their origin, are continually being re-defined by the community-at-large, which has both positive and negative results. On the positive side, individuals are working together to try to figure what these terms mean to them, a very natural tendency in the face of ambiguity. On the negative side, there is considerable room for fear, uncertainty and doubt to be introduced. With regard to SOA, I have played semantic cop to the mass hoard that did not want to all agree on a single definition. My attempts to use logic and humor to dissuade the masses from capitalizing on the term and minimizing its value seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. The sa... (more)

Should My Agency Consider Using Cloud Computing?

This is clearly the question on the minds and lips of every government IT decsionmaker in town. Why should a government agency even consider cloud computing? In reality, the decision process is no different than any other IT management decision, “Cloud IT” options should be compared to “Traditional IT” approaches. As Frank Gens of IDC alluded to when he framed the cloud opportunity for IT suppliers, agencies have four options when deciding if and how to improve their IT infrastructure.   “Traditional IT” products and services to enhance traditional agency services; "Cloud IT” products and services to enhance traditional agency services; Traditional IT” products and services to create agency specific cloud services; and "Cloud IT” products and services to create agency specific cloud services.   In a ZDnet blog post that compared traditional with cloud IT, Dion H... (more)

Combining Clouds: Appirio’s ReferMyFriends App Deftly Links Facebook To Salesforce

When we talk about cloud computing, we often talk about a monolithic cloud in the sky. But in fact there are many clouds. There is the Salesforce cloud, the Google cloud, the Amazon cloud, the Microsoft cloud, the Facebook cloud, and so on. For the most part, businesses still need to pick a cloud and stick with it. But that is changing as new applications are developed to combine clouds together. A new Facebook app from Appirio called ReferMyFriends does just that. (Yes, Salesforce and Facebook can be combined). ReferMyFriends essentially uses Facebook as a front-end for Salesforce. It allows a company's employees, associates, or even customers to refer their friends on Facebook for open job positions or marketing campaigns. ... (more)

Semantic Cloud Abstraction

The CCIF and it's members have recently focused on creating a common cloud taxonomy and ontology. I find it's starting to sound a lot like semantics, Cloud Semantics. We are in a sense defining what cloud computing is by describing it's "components" and their relationships to one another. One that is capable of expressing cloud computing and its subsequent parts in terms of a consensus data model. So in this effort we may actually be defining a dynamic computing model that can, under certain conditions, be 'trained' to appropriately 'learn' the meaning of related cloud & infrastructure resources based on an common ontology / taxonomy. In a sense, we are talking about the Semantic Web applied to API's or more broadly, a unified cloud interface. What is the Semantic Web and why does it matter for a unified cloud interface? The Wikipedia describes the semantic web as "a ... (more)